MV Fleesensee


Connected to the Kölpinsee on one side and the Malchower See on the other, the Fleesensee is a tourist hub of the area. This is mostly due to the fact that in the year 2000, a large vacation resort with about 2000 beds in four hotels has been opened in the shore town of Göhren-Lebbin, in large parts subsidized by the state government with the aim to attract tourists to the otherwise economically weak region. While not being located lakeside, the resort sits in the middle of one of the largest golfing areas with five courses in Northern Germany, specifically built for the new project. The lake itself covers almost 11 km² with a maximum length of 4.9 kilometers and a maximum depth of 26 meters. The Fleesensee lake is both fed and drained by the Elde river.  

Malchow, while not being located directly at the Fleesensee, but some 12 kilometers away from the resort, functions as the center of the tourist area, as it is the largest town here with some 6,500 inhabitants. The town carries a “climatic spa” designation and offers numerous restaurants, shops and accommodation opportunities to visitors. Furthermore, it bills itself “island town”, which is due to the fact that the old part of town is located on an island, characterized by narrow streets, partly cobblestoned. This part of Malchow is the original section, the city expanded onto the mainland in the early 18th century. 
Worth seeing is the former Malchow Abbey, built from 1844 on, with its traditional and well-preserved gardens. The abbey buildings, which also hold an organ pipe museum, are located on the eastern shore of the Malchower See, another one of the area’s lakes, albeit a small one with a little more than 2 km² surface area. The lake is connected to neighboring Fleesensee. The old town island in the middle of the lake can be reached via a short causeway on one side and a swing-bridge on the other, which is also a popular sight for tourists. The bridge opens, turning sideways,  always on the hour to allow passage for vessels on the water channel below. There are a handful of other historic buildings in town, among them an old smock mill (called “Stadtmühle”, located at Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse), dating back to the end of the 19th century.
Additionally, Malchow has an interesting museum which is dealing with the former German Democratic Republic. Named the “DDR Museum”, the exhibition is located in a former theatre building. The collection consists of various items of the socialist East German everyday culture, mixed in with a grain of nostalgia (Kirchenstrasse 25).