Germany Travel with Kids

White quite a lot of visitors travel to Germany with the intention of seeing castles and quaint little towns and to experience culture and the arts, some turn a trip to Germany into a family vacation and are looking to find some fun things to do with kids or teens. Luckily, Germany is a diverse travel destination and apart from the fact that some of the places, of the history and culture adults are interested in can also be pretty interesting for younger travelers, there is also a lot to see and do for youths and kids. There are many outdoor activities available during all months of the year and there are also interesting museums, zoos and aquariums, amusement parks and similar attractions all over the country. Below, you will find a list of examples of things to do when travelling with kids to Germany.

If you travel with youths, make sure you carry a school ID or another proof of age as there are often discounts available for younger visitors. Travelling by train is often a good idea as there is an extensive rail network available in Germany. If you go with a rental car, be aware that kids up to the age of 12 need to sit in a child or booster seat by law. Car rental companies will offer these for a surcharge. 

amusement park germany





Theme Park


Largest of its kind in Germany. Has 15 areas, all themed after European countries and regions. 50+ rides including 11 rollercoasters, various daily stage shows, several rides for smaller children. Five hotels on park grounds.

Rust near Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg, Southwestern Germany, close to French border.

Theme Park

Legoland Deutschland

Very kid-friendly park, re-opened in 2002. Features a Germany panorama built from 25 million bricks and seven themed areas. A few rides, but the focus is clearly on the LEGO reproductions.

Günzburg in Bavaria, about halfway between Munich and Stuttgart.

Theme Park


Several themed areas with 30+ rides, among these some dark rides and free fall towers. Quite a number of rides especially for smaller children. Three hotels on park grounds.

Brühl between Cologne an Bonn in North Rhine- Westphalia.

Theme Park


A total of 39 rides, including one of the world’s highest wooden roller coaster, three water coasters and a free fall tower. A section designed for the entertainment of smaller children was opened in 2008. One hotel.

Soltau in Lower Saxony in Northern Germany, between Hamburg and Hanover

Theme Park


Among a total of 125 attractions, Hansa-Park has 36 rides, 5 of which are roller coasters and 5 are water rides. There are several large-scale events each year, in addition to various daily stage shows.

Sierksdorf in Schleswig-Holstein at the Baltic Sea

Theme Park

Movie Park

Amusement Park with a film theme, opened in 1996. The park has five separate areas and working TV studios. In 2007, the children-only area received a facelifting and an extension. Focus on a variety of stage shows.

Bottrop in the Ruhr area, North Rhine- Westphalia

Children’s Museum

Labyrinth Kindermuseum

Opened in 1997, the Labyrinth Museum is a widely acclaimed museum designed to entertain and educate children focusing on presenting an interactive experience. Frequently changing special exhibitions.

Berlin, Osloer Strasse

Children’s Museum

Kindermuseum Frankfurt

A museum dedicated to providing an atmosphere that invites children to try, experiment and find things out by themselves. Several workshops and changing special exhibitions.

Frankfurt, An der Hauptwache

Children’s Museum

Kindermuseum Nürnberg

The museum has two main exhibitions: An interactive journey 100 years back in time and an area called “Treasure Chest Earth” dealing with technics, nature and research.

Nuremberg, Michael-Ende-Strasse

Children’s Museum

Kindermuseum München

The Munich Children’s Museum does not have a permanent exhibition, but instead shows alternating, themed exhibitions, usually dealing with topics such as nature and science.

Munich, Arnulfstrasse