MV Teterower See

Teterower See

Despite being one of the smaller lakes in the area with a maximum length of a little over three kilometers, the Teterower See in the northern section of the Lake District is one of the more popular tourist destinations. This is due to a number of attractions worth seeing in this area as well as to the fact that the lake is a good place for boating, sailing and swimming. On the average, the lake is only four meters deep, making for a safe environment for family travel. Parts of the western lakeshore are included in a protected preserve, a habitat for more than 120 bird species, some of them endangered. The entire extended area is popular for both hiking and biking, with a trail system available in most places.

The main attraction of the lake area is an island in the southern quadrant, where the water is generally shallower than in the northern half. The island, accessible via a short ferry ride, formerly was home to a Slavic castle, of whose fortification wall some remains can still be seen (hence the name of the island - “Burgwallinsel”, meaning “castle wall island”). Other than that, the island has a beach area, a large playground reminiscent of a fortress, a restaurant, an observation tower with a good view of the lake and the surroundings and a place to rent canoes and rowing boats. There is also a restaurant on the island. Apart from these and the ferry, visitors may also reach the island by boarding the “Regulus”, an old barge with an interesting history: Built in 1910, it made its rounds on the Teterower See until 1939. It was sunk during the war in 1945, only to be discovered aground in 1999, salvaged and put into use again from 2001 on. The Regulus also makes stops at the island on its tours which can be boarded in Teterow.

Teterow is the main city of the area, having a population of about 8700 and several accommodation and shopping opportunities. The town has become popular for its natural grass raceway which hosts a large motorbike race every year. Teterow, forming the geographical center of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, consists of several town parts. At its core, it boasts a well-preserved old town founded in the early Middle Ages with many historic buildings. Especially around the market square (Marktplatz), some fine examples can be found. Also worth seeing are the town hall, a historic restored mill which today hosts a restaurant and the St. Peter and Paul church, whose oldest parts were constructed between 1225 and 1250. Of the town’s fortification, two gates can be visited.

Teschow is technically a part of the Teterow municipality. It has direct access to the lake and features a small beach area. Worth seeing is a historic manor, once the focal point of a plantation. The mansion, which has now been turned into a hotel, is surrounded by a park with a golf course.